Sonography and Radiology

In Gynecology, there's more to an exam than what's on the surface. Frequently, to achieve a full understanding of a patient's health, OB/GYNs must first have a clear picture--literally--of the patient's internals. However, going to a radiology center to have scans done is a time consuming process for our patients. To eliminate this burden and make sure that each scan is performed to our physicians' exacting specifications, we have established our own Ultrasound/Sonography department.

Each of our exam rooms is equipped with a modern, state of the art Ultrasound machine, calibrated for OB/GYN scans. Our team of dedicated sonographers are highly trained, experienced professionals, who specialize exclusively in OB/GYN sonography. They work closely with our physicians to make sure that each scan gives the clearest possible clinical picture, and no detail is overlooked. This combination of powerful technology and experienced professionalism enable us to perform ultrasounds quickly and efficiently during the course of a visit, allowing our physicians to make a more informed and accurate diagnosis, leading to superior outcomes for our patients.

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