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Out of every 10 new cases of ovarian cancer recorded in 2017, seven women died. This is an alarming statistic that illustrates how deadly ovarian cancer can be, especially without an early diagnosis. With this in mind, the team at Dr. Gregory Shifrin, OB/GYN PC in New York provides the best available ovarian cancer screening tools to help diagnose this deadly disease at the earliest possible stage. The practice has offices in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn and the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. Call the location nearest you or use online booking to schedule a consultation today.

Ovarian Cancer Screening Q & A

What is ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer affects your ovaries, the organs that store and release your eggs and produce the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Many women don't realize they have ovarian cancer until it reaches an advanced stage.

The majority of cases are epithelial ovarian cancer, which develops on the surface of your ovary. Only about 10% of ovarian cancers affect the tissues inside the ovary.

Why is ovarian cancer screening important?

If you get a diagnosis of ovarian cancer early enough, you have a significantly higher chance of surviving. Statistics show that around 94% of women live beyond five years if they receive a diagnosis in good time.

In its earlier stages, ovarian cancer causes no noticeable symptoms, so you wouldn't know there’s anything wrong. By the time symptoms become evident, the cancer is usually spreading into other tissues, a stage that's very hard to treat successfully.

Undergoing ovarian cancer screening could find the cancer early enough for you to start treatment and prevent the cancer from spreading.

What does ovarian cancer screening involve?

Unlike the Pap smear screening test for cervical cancer, there isn't a single screening test for ovarian cancer. You need to work with your provider at Dr. Gregory Shifrin, OB/GYN PC to create an ovarian cancer screening plan that works for you.

Two potential screening tests for ovarian cancer are:

Transvaginal ultrasound (TVUS)

To perform TVUS, your provider inserts a slim tube into your vagina. High-frequency soundwaves from the device create pictures of your internal organs and can help locate growths in your ovaries.

Finding a growth doesn't mean you have ovarian cancer — it could be a benign mass. TVUS does pick up signs of ovarian cancer at an earlier stage, though, when treatment could be most effective.

The CA-125 blood test

This test measures the amount of CA-125 protein you have in your blood. CA-125 levels are often higher in women who have ovarian cancer, so it can be a good way of evaluating the need for a TVUS.

However, the test isn't foolproof. Other conditions like endometriosis can cause high CA-125 levels, while some women who do have ovarian cancer have low levels of CA-125.

Your provider at Dr. Gregory Shifrin, OB/GYN PC can also perform gene testing to identify whether you have the genes linked to ovarian cancer. You might have mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes or a hereditary condition like Lynch syndrome. A family history of ovarian cancer is an indication that you might share the same genes.

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